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Working with TRS has been a wonderful experience. They are always very supportive and understanding of our unique needs, looking at who are and knowing the marketplace. More importantly, knowing how to sift through the data and how it relates to our business because it’s not always a direct translation. TRS guides us through that process, showing us how to look at the information, how to translate it and how to adapt it—these are unique qualities they possess. The short-term impact helps us meet immediate goals, helping us work on our operations and the overall structure of our business. TRS also helps us formalize certain aspects of how we do things strategically, not only just performance management, but in developing our people. The long-term impact continues to be developing our team, knowing that we have fair compensation with substance behind our incentive plan and being accountable not only to ourselves, but to our business. We have the metrics, the data—we have everything supporting it. So it’s a matter of taking out the mystery, with a real clear path and giving everyone a level playing field with confidence moving forward. TRS is a very sensitive and reliable resource in helping organizations with their ongoing process of monitoring and improving their performance. They provide an understanding of our organization and accountability to our employees and to our organization, along with guidance on how to frame that.

Jill M.

IDO Incorporated

Jeryl Mitsch, our President, contacted Cassandra Faurote, President and Founder of Total Reward Solutions after she spoke at a NAWBO meeting. We needed some advice from an expert on the upcoming FLSA changes, so Cassandra and her talented team at TRS seemed like the perfect fit. They came in very high level on what we were working on in regards to FLSA, which was extremely helpful. We sat down and went through all the details, employee by employee. TRS went above and beyond by researching some valuable information for us, saving us time and resources. The short-term impact was that we gained further knowledge about the laws—how they classified the changes, our options and a just a better overall explanation of how this would affect our company. Fortunately, we expect growth in our company, so working with TRS on this project was very helpful in moving forward. The staff at TRS was extremely professional. More importantly, if we didn’t know an answer, they always got back to us in a timely manner, efficiently and effectively with the right solutions.

Dianna B.

Mitsch Design

We hired TRS to help us with competitive pay scales and compensation/benefits packages. Being a non-profit in a very niche industry, we knew it was going to be a challenge to look at a wide range of options in terms of what the university could offer versus our competitors. Even as a small firm, we have a large number of titles, and TRS helped us group these effectively and efficiently, making the process very revealing, thorough and productive. My experience with TRS has exceeded my expectations. To make sense of what worked for us, we had to go through positions multiple times to make sure we were targeting the right parts, search national databases and tax bases, and TRS even provided additional sources in a responsive way, making sure we understood every aspect of the process. TRS has the ability to help organizations reach their bottom line, yet remain competitive and make their vision and mission their daily priority.

Marie Kerbeshian

Vice President of Technology & Commercialization Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation mkerbesh@iu.edu 317-274-5904

Total Reward Solutions helped redesign a new compensation structure for our entire organization that was thorough, detailed and exactly what we needed. TRS provides a wealth of knowledge in the compensation world, has reliable resources and benchmarks data on factors specifically tailored to your organization. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model—it’s a model designed and developed based on your company’s culture and the message you want to send to employees, while allowing you to be competitive in the market. The bottom line is TRS can give you the tools to move forward on your own, or work with you throughout the entire process. TRS is not just a great firm to work with—it’s also a good partner, and I would recommend TRS no matter your needs.

Lisa Scripture

Human Resources Manager Margaret Mary Health Lisa.scripture@mmch.org 812-933-5273