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Compensation Sense: What Do We Mean by Innovating Total Rewards to Drive People and Business Excellence?

May 1, 2015
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When I formed Total Reward Solutions in 2005, I wanted to do more than merely utilize my skills and background in compensation and rewards programs; I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make the complex world of HR and compensation a little easier for our clients. I wanted to bring professional, top-quality compensation consulting services to organizations that were increasingly hard-pressed to maintain the internal expertise necessary to compete, comply and thrive. Above all, I wanted Total Reward Solutions to be seen as a trusted partner who could be called upon again and again to help companies keep pace with the ever-changing landscapes of compensation, employee rewards and corporate benefits. I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to become that trusted partner for so many valued clients. We’ve done this by remaining true to our mission of innovating total rewards to drive people and business excellence. You’ll hear us talk about that a lot. But what does this statement mean, exactly?

Innovative Compensation Solutions

Innovation is the cornerstone of our commitment. With employee rules and regulations constantly changing at local, state and federal levels, compliance is a must, of course. But companies that merely seek to be in compliance with employment, compensation and benefit regulations can quickly find themselves left behind more progressive organizations. At Total Reward Solutions, we know that, in almost every industry, the competition is keen and innovation can be a difference-maker in the success of your organization.

We know, too, that innovative employee rewards systems – adapted from regulatory and industry “best practices,” to fit your company’s culture and competitive environments – can help drive your people and your business to new levels of excellence. Simply put, innovation in your compensation and rewards programs can help your organization do more than merely stay in compliance; it can help your company assume and maintain a leadership position in your industry. And that, in turn, can help you attract better talent, motivate current employees and retain top performers.

Innovating total rewards to drive people and business excellence. It’s not just a tagline to us. It’s what we demand of ourselves because we want to be your partner in success – the trusted partner you call on whenever you need compensation and employee rewards consulting services.

To learn more about the compensation, employee benefits, performance management and total rewards services we offer, click here, or contact us today at 317.589.8529. We’d be happy to discuss your organization’s needs and discover how Total Reward Solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Cassandra Faurote

About Total Reward Solutions:

Total Reward Solutions is your outsourced compensation services provider, dedicated to innovating total rewards that drive people and business excellence. Led by respected and professionally certified Human Resources expert Cassandra Faurote, Total Reward Solutions offers a broad range of compensation, benefits, performance management, and reward/recognition consulting services to help your organization attract top talent, motivate employees and retain top performers. Call us today at 317.589.8529 to discuss how we can help your organization develop and implement competitive and effective compensation and total reward programs.

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