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Compensation Highlights: Our Complete Range of Compensation Services for Total Rewards

May 11, 2015

Our vision for Total Reward Solutions is that we continue to be your trusted partner when you need compensation services and consulting. I believe that two things can help us build and maintain the kind of professional relationship to realize that vision: 1) We need to offer the kinds of compensation services that truly help your organization offer competitive and motivating total rewards for employees, and 2) when given the opportunity to work together, we need to provide excellent collaboration and results. When we excel in achieving both of these goals, chances are pretty good you will call on us first when you need additional services. The customer satisfaction component of this vision requires that we work together, and we welcome that opportunity! But that opportunity, of course, depends on the services we offer. Let’s explore that…

Two Main Categories, Two Ways to Engage

At Total Reward Solutions, we primarily provide consulting and product development in two areas: Compensation and Benefits. Taken together, naturally, you get total rewards! But if your needs lie in one area or the other, we are happy to serve you with specific compensation or benefits consulting. And engaging with us is easy, too, because we offer both retainer-based ongoing consultation and program maintenance, or project-specific professional engagements.

Compensation Services

Your company’s compensation planning and consulting needs will be unique, based on your industry, your corporate structure, the expertise of your internal resources and other factors. With that in mind, however, some of the most popular compensation services we offer at Total Reward Solutions are Market Pricing analyses, Base Salary and Merit Pay structure development, Profit Sharing and Gain Sharing plan development, Job Description and Compensation Policy creation, Sales Incentive Compensation plan development and many more.

Benefits Services

Likewise, we offer a wide range of employee benefits services, too. From overall strategy planning to specific Local Market Comparative analyses, from Plan Costing Strategy to Benefits Design, and from Benefits Summaries for Recruitment to Automated Enrollment consulting, Total Reward Solutions is prepared to help you develop and offer the right mix of benefits for your employees.

To learn more about the full range of services we offer, click here or contact us today at 317.589.8529. We’re always glad to discuss your organization’s current needs.
Cassandra Faurote

About Total Reward Solutions:

Need an additional total rewards or compensation service from us? Total Reward Solutions is dedicated to innovating total rewards that drive people and business excellence. As you recall, Total Reward Solutions offers a broad range of compensation, benefits, performance management, and reward/recognition consulting services to help your organization attract top talent, motivate employees and retain top performers. Call us today at 317.589.8529 to discuss how we can help your organization develop and implement additional compensation and total reward programs.

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