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Total Reward Solutions can help you define your company’s overall compensation strategy and develop a tailored compensation...

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Total Reward Solutions is committed to helping you design, implement and manage the employee benefit program that best supports...

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Performance Management

Many companies have a pay for performance philosophy and culture and want to tie merit pay directly or indirectly to their performance management...

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The TRS Philosophy

Total Reward Solutions is founded on a set of core values – values that guide our day-to-day operations, our strategic decisions and our client relationships. Each relationship is handled with integrity, respect and confidentiality, as we deliver Total Reward systems built to tailor each client’s specific needs.

At Total Reward Solutions, we believe that properly designed compensation, benefits, rewards programs and performance appraisals complete a full circle of total rewards. These complete systems not only improve employee retention and attraction, but effectively drive business results.


Total Reward Solutions was founded in 2005 and consults with clients in the areas of compensation, benefits, performance management and reward/recognition programs. We have experience in well over 20 different industries and with companies ranging in size from 40 to 4,000 employees.

Why Total Rewards?

The term “total rewards” refers to the financial and non-financial return provided to employees in exchange for their time, talents, efforts and results.

To implement a total rewards plan, business leaders must tackle a broad range of challenging questions—everything from who will design the plan and what types of rewards it will include to how the plan will be funded and under what business conditions the plan is intended to operate. When executives overlook one or more of these questions, they risk developing a plan that delivers mediocre results once it’s implemented.

But the effort is worthwhile. A well-thought-out and skillfully implemented total rewards program can give your organization a competitive edge. In particular, it can help you generate the business outcomes that matter most to your strategy - whether those outcomes take the form of employee retention, productivity, job satisfaction or service quality. In an age of stiffening competition and increasing pressure to do more with less, no organization can afford to ignore the strategic value that a well-designed total rewards system can provide.

Recent Testimonials


We hired TRS to help us with competitive pay scales and compensation/benefits packages. Being a non-profit in a very niche industry, we knew it was going to be a challenge to look at a wide range of options in terms of what the university could offer versus our competitors. Even as a small firm, we have a large number of titles, and TRS helped us group these effectively and efficiently, making the process very revealing, thorough and productive. My experience with TRS has exceeded my expectations. To make sense of what worked for us, we had to go through positions multiple times to make sure we were targeting the right parts, search national databases and tax bases, and TRS even provided additional sources in a responsive way, making sure we understood every aspect of the process. TRS has the ability to help organizations reach their bottom line, yet remain competitive and make their vision and mission their daily priority.


Marie Kerbeshian

Vice President of Technology & Commercialization

Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation